Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My friend and I took our kids to a place here in Rochester called La Tea Da. It's a very beautiful tea house that is decorated to the nines. You can have a regular lunch there or have traditional tea. This is the second time I have been there and have been wowed each time. The first time I had the traditional tea. It was complete with this scrumptious mile high creamy dream scone, tea sandwiches, small quiches, and pastries. The scone came with jam and devonshire cream. My friend and I were in heaven. MUST FIND THAT SCONE RECIPE! This time I had the Waldorf salad (above). It was very tastey and made me reconsider my opinion of Waldorf salads.
This is my daughter. She insisted on wearing this outfit (which is a dress up outfit for playing). At first I told her that it might be a little over the top. Then I reconsidered and said, ah wear it. How often do you get to do things like that? So I can be a little uptight sometimes (I am working on that). Have fun, sweet daughter.
I think it is so cool that my friend and I had daughters around the same time. I hope that they are blessed with a friendship like my friend and I. She is my loyal friend that I have done so much with over the years. A precious gem she is, so elegant and refined.

Great place, La Tea Da. I highly recommend it. (They have hats and boas for grown ups too). Oh yeah, I wore one.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! What a gorgeous smile. My name is also Lori, and I lived in Rochester for just over a year. I never went to La Tea Da, unfortunately - what a fun place.

Grace said...

your daughter is absolutely adorable! and what a clever name for a restaurant--that alone would draw me in. did i mention that your daughter is a cutie patootie? :)