Sunday, February 15, 2009

KOREAN food rocks!

More about this pretty little sugary rose later...

Usually for Valentine's my husband and I stay home. Too crowded at restaurants. Plus, we just dont go gong ho about it. This year, we decided to go out. We went off the beaten path to avoid the crowds. We went to a restaurant called Young's. They have Korean food. Wonderful, yummy, Korean food. The older woman who was our waitress/server was the one of the sweetest persons. Have you ever noticed some people, when you meet them, are just sweet? Period.

My husband ordered eel. Yup, slimy, stinky, slithery eel. But that's my husband, willing to try anything at least once. I LOVE that about him. Well, our lovely server, just was so tickled that he ordered eel on Valentine's Day. She said her husband likes to eat eel, as she giggled and covered her blushing face. (I just fell in love with her, so sweet!). We gathered that eel must be an aphrodesiac. Sure enough to Koreans, it is. Read all about it here.

Did I try it? Yup, I did. In my mind I pictured the Moray Eel. If I had read the article above before going to the restaurant, I wonder if I would have tried it. It tastes like trout. It's not overly fishy but it tastes earthy/gamey, a bit like Catfish too. Which makes sense because they are both bottom feeders. With a piece of pickled ginger, it was very delicious. By itself, not my kind of fish. My husband, well, he loved it. Said he will never order anything but that from their restaurant. Loved it.

Me, I had bulgogi. I know, very conservative. Shrimp Shumai, bulgogi, kimchi, how can a girl go wrong? Then, there is my favorite of the banchan (side dishes that are served with the meal), which is kongjaban (a black bean that is sweet and nutty). It will definitely be making an appearance in my abode!

And for all of you who want to know if eel is an aphrodesiac... just what kind of blog do you think this is? (Insert a smile here.) I do not kiss and tell.


The Blonde Duck said...

It sounds like you had a great meal!

Tartelette said...

Yeah for trying new dishes! I am one of those who loves eel....I mean I can do a funny dance (in my head) if someone says "eel's for dinner!"...alas no one says that around here :)

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

Grace said...

i don't know if you watch top chef, but ever since they skinned an eel, i've vowed never ever to eat it. just thinking about it gives me the willies. :)

kat said...

We love barbecued eel sushi

Elra said...

I love Korean food too, but never tried their eel. Unlike your husband, mine is out of question. Glad the he actually willing to try.

Joseph & Leah said...

Hi - glad that you had a great time eating your Valentine's korean meal!

We got turned onto Korean a while back and everytime we go there now - i just love the banchan!!! my favorite is also the black beans - but they haven't been serving them lately!!!

I decided to try to make them on my own - but had no idea what they were called!

After doing massive searches online - what I think I've discovered is that they're called kuromame (in Japanese cuisine) and kongjaban (in Korean cuisine) - which is probably what got me to your blog! hehe I'm wondering - are both recipes the same? they seem the same!

ok so here is the big question - its not just black beans - but black soy beans that they use. So i have found black soy beans in a can, and black soy beans that are bagged and dry.
The beans that I had at our restaurant here were kinda chewy and harder - so my guess is that they were dried beans that were used and simmered, and not the canned beans.

Do you have any idea how I can make these on my own?

Dying to know!!

Lori said...

Joseph and amp- Yes, I do believe they are the bagged for the same reason, they are harder than what I think you would find from a can.