Monday, October 4, 2010

Technical Difficulties

I am unable to load photos on blogger at this time.  Until I figure out the problem I will be unable to post.  In the meantime if anyone else has had this problem let me know how you resolved it.

The problem:  Every time I try to load the window that pops up takes forever to load.  Once it loads it does not have any prompts in it.  Sometimes it does and then it says it does not recognize the format. 



Thanks to my stunning, intelligent, wonderful husband ; ), the problem has been somewhat resolved.  He suggested downloading Google's browser Chrome- I did.  No problem downloading pictures.  I will check back with the other browsers hoping that they are resolving the issues with those.


vanillasugar said...

long ago i had problems with blogger and uploading photos. plus the photo quality was never quite right (not as clear). i switched to using flickr and upload from there. love it. and the photo image is much clearer.

Ingrid said...

Whoops! Sorry about that Lori. Hope you get it worked out soon!

The Blonde Duck said...

Hope it works soon!

Barbara said...

It's not you, Blogger is behaving really badly right now!

Julie said...

I'm having a somewhat different photo problem. Hopefully it's a glitch they will fix soon. It was working so lovely just recently.

megan said...

ah, great suggestion! Never thought to use chrome. I just started blogging from windows live writer - so easy!

elra said...

Delicious combo Lori !

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