Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stop GMO Alfalfa

We interupt normal posts of Lori's Lipsmacking Goodness to bring you this special announcement.  While that may sound light hearted this message most certainly is not.  In fact it is down right scary. Last year I watched a movie on HULU called the Future of Food.  My eyes were opened and I was alarmed.  I think people need to start realizing what is happening with our food supply and how it affects us and our children.  I highly recommend watching the movie.  If you live in the US the message below is for you. 

Stand up for Farmer and Citizen Rights - Tell Obama to Ban Monsanto's GMO Alfalfa!

Last week President Obama and Secretary Vilsack approved Monsanto's GMO alfalfa despite overwhelming public protest. This move fundamentally undermines the organic industry, especially organic meat and dairy. In approving GMO alfalfa the Obama administration has caved to Monsanto and made it harder for family farmers to make a living and for consumers wanting to eat safe, healthy foods.
This decision is a devastating blow to our democracy and the basic rights of farmers to choose how they want to grow food on their land and protect the rights of consumers who are increasingly buying organic and sustainably grown food for its positive health and environmental impacts. Please join us in telling President Obama that you're deeply disappointed in his decision and want a ban on GMO alfalfa.

As has already been widely acknowledged by the U.S. Supreme Court, the USDA, scientists and active farmers, the planting of GMO Roundup Ready alfalfa will lead to contamination of conventional and organic crops, creating significant economic loss for important export markets and organic dairy and beef farmers.
While we are deeply disappointed in President Obama and Secretary Vilsack’s decision, we were fortunate enough to be at the 31st Annual Ecological Farming Conference at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, California where pioneering farmers and leaders in organic and sustainable agriculture gather every year. When we received word of the announcement there was an immediate and collective response from the farmers and members inf this community that day that vowed to fight until this injustice was exposed to the world and ultimately overruled.
Over the course of the next few days, several dozen farmers and individuals from organizations working to promote best agricultural practices helped craft a letter to President Obama and Secretary Vilsack calling on them to reconsider and reverse their decision.
As members of this movement, we were greatly encouraged by the spirit of cooperation and the resolve that immediately took place as we worked together to craft a collective response.
In an effort to help spread that good will and resolve to fight this unjust decision we experienced this past weekend, we’d like you to join in this fight to protect the democratic rights of farmers and the citizens who support them.
If we are to win the fight ahead, we must join together and be united going forward. It’s time that President Obama and those in Washington learn that the rights of farmers and American citizens mean more than the unjust profits of Monsanto, which increasingly put the livelihoods of farmers and the integrity of our democracy at risk.
Please take a moment to sign this letter inititated by our organic and sustainable farmers and leaders, then pass it on to friends.

Please click here to sign.


kat said...

Yeah, we all need to look a lot closer at what is happening with our food. So scary

The Blonde Duck said...

I need to watch this.

Mimi said...

Thanks for bring this important matter to our attention.

Shelly said...

I've been watching Monsanto closely for quite a while...it appears to me that "whatever Monsanto wants Monsanto gets".
Really really scary, they have so many friends in high places.
Thanks for spreading the word Lori!

Mary said...

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Lori. have a good evening. Blessings...Mary


Extremely informative (and scary) post! Thanks for sharing!

Joanne said...

Ugh, don't even get me started. I'm with you all the way!