Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blueberry Picking

It's an annual event for our family.  Drive an hour or so to a blueberry patch, called Russell's U-Pick, owned by Whittier Farms and pick to our hearts content.  Fourteen pounds, yes, fourteen pounds of blueberries all in one, gloriously huge patch of blueberries.  This year my husbands hands got super quick and he was able to keep up with me... seven pounds a piece... Yes, I know, dear man, that you might of had a little assistance from these little elves:

I post these pictures from time to time on my blog from our picking and I can not believe how much my children have grown.  Actually I stop and think that very thought, often. 
After picking is our reward... Buy a jar of honey, made by bees doing their work right where we are. Of course they are very busy and we thank them very much for their hard work.  In a cup of tea, especially blueberry tea- delicious!

We then go to a nearby park called, Krull Park, located in Olcott, NY.  The kids get to cool off in the splash area (sometimes the grown ups too).  After we have our picnic lunch we head into the town for the kids to go on some kiddie rides at a little ride area in town. 

And here is our blueberry man, year after year, time after time, he is our steadfast Lord of the Blueberries!  He tells us where to pick, what the current blueberry conditions are, weighs our hard work and takes our money.  You are the best!
This is a glimpse of the acreage on the way in.  blueberry tent with lots' o' blueberries behind.

Tune in next time to find out what I did with these luscious blueberries, which I might add are super sweet this year because of all the sun.

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