Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tomato Salad

One of my absolute favorite things to eat in the summer is a fresh tomato salad.  We all have our versions of this but I wanted to share my favorite way.  I mince a clove of garlic, a few tomatoes, fresh basil, sea salt and olive oil.  WOW.  Swoon.  This salad is in all my dreams of summer. 

I wanted to show you my first tomato of the season.  I think I am remembering it, April Wine.  As my CSA farmer informed me and I think we realized this a few years ago after losing a few tomatoes to rot, is that heirloom tomatoes look not ripe when they really are. 
If you feel adventurous and have not had it, add a bit of allspice to your tomato salad.  I never thought this would taste good but I saw it in a recipe from the book, Aromas of Aleppo.  So good.  You really must try it.

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