Thursday, October 9, 2014

Knife Skills

I am taking a class with the Kitchn.  I have always liked that site.  Good information, very thorough and lots of great ideas.  While I would say that I am pretty good with a knife I took the class anyway.  I learned something.  My knives are not as sharp as they should be.  I kind of knew that.  But WOW I didn't realize how bad they were.

Go check out the Kitchn and the class if you like.  All kinds of basics- very helpful, even if you think you have mastered it all.

A few of my favorite knives.
I use the longest one there for going through watermelon and squash and pumpkins.  Love it!  It is the best knife for the job.  I use my wide one for when I have lots of chopping to do.  I like to use it as a spatula after chopping- into the pan or bowl. And the smaller one is my nearly everyday chopping and rocking kind of knife.

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