Thursday, July 16, 2015

5:2 Diet and Me

Have you ever heard of the 5:2 Diet?  Most of you probably have not.  If you live in the UK, you probably have heard of it.  Its really taken off their.

Before your withers go up, "like, another diet' really!?!?!".  I sure understand that but listen to the video.  You can find it by looking for Michael Mosley and the 5:2 Diet

The science behind the diet is incredible.  I am going to stop right here and say it is not a diet for me. I have adopted it as a way of life.  I can't begin to tell you the profound freeing experience it has had on me and my psyche.

I am going to get real with you here.  This is my story.  I have been fat since second grade.  I have also been very active my whole life.  It is hard for me to sit.  I have to go - go- go.  Mind you since I am pretty heavy right now, it limits me.  But not that much.  I bike, I walk, I do aerobics, I love Zumba... The list goes on.  There is not a friend or family member around that will tell you that I am lazy. 

Speaking of my family.  And my family life.  Growing up they were all thin.  They didn't do soccer, track and field or basketball like me.  Yes, they moved around a lot.  But they were able to eat more than me and still be thin.  We ate good in our household.  By good, I don't mean junk food.  I mean lots of fruit and vegetables.  My Mother never scrimped on them.  I grew up canning with her and picking them. We had a huge garden.  We frequented the public market often. I knew vegetables inside and out.  My Mother did not use processed stuff at all.

How did I become so fat?  I have no idea.  But I bet Dr. Mosley might have an idea why.  He would probably call it Metabolic Disorder.

I have tried every diet under the sun.  Read nearly every psychological book on how to stop overeating.  I have gone to Overeaters Anonymous, Weight Watchers. Listened to countless podcasts on how to lose weight. Worked with a personal trainer. Nothing has worked.

In February, I really started in earnest (again), counting calories.  About 1500 per day. I was exercising about 5 days a week.  The weight wasn't moving.  It just wasn't moving.  I would lose a couple pounds and it would go right back on.  Because of my age, I thought this was a major factor. Ironically I got the stomach bug in that time and normally you lost a few pounds when that happens.  I gained it.  I freaking gained four pounds.  I have been beyond discouraged but I kept trudging on.  I was pretty determined this time.  I cut my calories back to 1250 and that helped a little but it was a lot of restriction and a whole lot of hungry.

I had gone to the doctors regarding some issues with my hands.  She ordered some lab work.  Since I had not eaten yet that day I fugred I would just get it over with right away.  My labs came back as cholesterol 244 - but my good cholesterol is pretty high.  She feels that kind of balances things out. My diabetes markers- indicated I was prediabetic. At least one of my numbers indicated that.  It really was no surprise.  I had given up most sugar some time ago in this effort to lose weight and felt significantly better.  I also have mostly given up white flour because it seems to have a gluten allergy type affect with me.  So I had really pretty much eliminated them.  Yes, I go back in six months to get labs.  If things don't change she want to put me on meds possibly.

At that time my husband had found Dr. Mosely's documentary online.  He showed it to me.  I had gone on it the next day from my doctor visit.  Even before I knew my labs.  The first two days were a fail.  I ate about 900 calories the first day and 1000 the next day.  But I kept on.  I figured it was my trial run.  The next week I did it!  I stayed on 500 calories for two days totally successfully. I ate lots of vegetables and lean meats.  Like egg whites.  I have been following it since.

The other five days you eat 2000 calores. I have to say for the most part I get to about 1600.  I just don't eat that much because I dont eat that much starch.  At least the white flour variety.  A few days in there though- there was parties and I ate about 2000 calores.  Snacky, crappy food.  Even with that I lost.

That is unheard of for me. I can't eat ice cream or cake and get away with it.  Never!

Now, don't go off thinking that you can eat crap for those five days.  That kind of defeats the purpose now doesn't it?

When I started this journey- about three weeks ago I weighed 302.  My heaviest has been 325.  I have mainly stayed in the 295 to 310 range for the past 12 years.  Obviously I have done a pretty good job of maintaining and albeit grotesquely huge size, I have not gained.  I credit that in large part to the exercise I do.  And really, my blood pressure has been good all this time. 

What have I learned in these weeks since June 21st?  I have learned, from my fast days, that I am not really that hungry eating 500 calories a day.  It mostly has been pretty easy for me.  At meal time I need something don't get me wrong but 100 to 200 calories does it for me.  I am totally able to abstain on those days.  I have learned that most of my food cravings are mental.  I carry that over to my eating days.  I have learned that I obsess about food less. Doing without really helps get you in touch. 

This really has been a freeing experience for me.  I feel like I actually can do it.  That I have the tools for success.  That weight loss is in my reach.  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I feel.  I want to shout it to the world.  To share my good feelings.  But everyones journey is their own.  So I am quiet about it.  But if anyone asks me- as they begin to notice my loss...  Honey! I will be right there telling them and sharing my enthusiasm. 

Thank you so much to Dr. Mosley and my husband for finding that video.

My 5:2 Pinterest Link.
Me and my friend.  I am over twice her size.

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Congrats, hon! I'm so happy for you.
I know you can do it. xo