Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Virgin Blogger Begins


I have been so inspired by all of you foodie bloggers out there that I thought I would share my experiences as well. I am a stay at home mom. Since we have a crimp in our financial budget I try to make meals that we might have if we could go out more. Of course my kids don't always appreciate tandoori chicken or sushi. They usually get some kind of kid meal just the same.

I have seen some really great sites out there and will put together my list of favorites soon. My recipes are my attempts to make healthy and flavorful meals. I really like ethnic food so you will find minimal American Fare here. I do enjoy making bread and am somewhat of a novice. I do make great Rosemary/Kalamata Bread and love to make pizza.

Hope you stop in and visit regularly. I look forward to your posts and getting to know you.

1 comment: said...

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