Friday, August 22, 2008


Goin' to the beat just jammin'
Canning up the summer harvest while it's slammin'
Oh yeah baby just jammin'
smellin' raspberry's and jammin'
Can you feel the beat baby?

Ah, just do it. There is nothing like your own homemade jam on cold Winter's day. So yummy, reminding you of the day you picked them. It's a piece of cake to make jam. The Ball cannign site make things real easy. Check it out here. Or you can just do plain old jam. Just buy the Ball liquid pectin or Certo. Directions are right inside.

Basically all you do is wash your jar and rings. Hot water. Dishwashers are great for this. Mash up around five cups of raspberries (directions will give you specifics) in a large stock pot. Add around seven cups of sugar . Bring to a boil. Once it is at a full rolling boil, add pectin and let it stay at the full rolling boil for one minute. Turn it off. Dip measuring cup in and pour into jars. Wipe of rims. Place on lid, screw on ring tightly. Turn upside down for fifteen minutes. Cover with a towel to keep in the heat. After fifteen minutes place right side up. Keep covered until they have fully cooled. You will hopefully and most likely hear the tops go ping. Then you know a vacuum has been created and they are sealed. If for some reason the tops do not depress, then just put it in your fridge and use.

The directions will probably tell you to "cold pack" them. My Mother and I never have. They seal fine and stay sealed with out any problems. If by chance during storage a lid pops up. Do not eat. Throw it out. They store for a long time. If you have any questions just email me.


Jules Someone said...

Mmmmm. That sounds amazing! I'm thinking blueberry or peach.

kat said...

I've never done jam before luckily my mother-in-law gives me some of her's

Jules Someone said...

Do you just use regular liquid pectin? I've only ever made freezer jam before, and it doesn't use pectin. Thanks! Oh, and no, the cans didn't blow up. There was plenty of water. All I got was lovely, creamy caramel.

Lori said...

I have used the powder, the liquid and a French type soft set kind of conserve. For this particular jam here I used liquid pectin.