Monday, January 3, 2011

So you think you want an ebelskiver

Oh man, have I got bakeware and cookware.  I have everything I need.  These days when I see something I think, I can not get that because I simply do not need another thing.  And really I have been good.  This ebleskiver has been talking to me for a couple years now.  Then Williams Sonoma sends me this email advertisement saying it was on sale for a day. I teetered, I fell and bought it.   Here's why.  (Justification time.) 
#1  my kids are young and how cool is it to have these tasty little pancakes for breakfast.
#2 I can stuff things inside them that maybe they will eat because it is wrapped in a pancake.  And so far that is pretty true.  (Although it has never been difficult for me to get my children to eat apples, raw or cooked or jam and bacon).  I mean really!
#3 Oh yeah, and cheese.  Melted cheese stuffed in a pancake.  It went down real easy and my daughter was so excited she asked me to take this pic.
#4 and really this is the thing that sold me on the product, I sold it to myself you know.  I justified it by saying that there is more than one culture that uses this type of pan and I will be making anything from other cultures just so I can make it in this pan.

Certainly Williams Sonoma does not give me anything to say all these nice things about the ebelskiver but really it is a nice pan.  And bonus it is American made.  Cha ching.  SOLD.

You know my lovely brother and his wife gave me this book of things to make in an ebelskiver and they couldnt have thrilled this foodie more.  I went to work the next morning and made fig jam and Hunter's bacon filled ebelskivers.  A hit.  Not one left.

Fig and Hunter's Bacon Ebelskivers
adapted from Ebelskivers, by Kevin Crafts

1 cup all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 large eggs, seperated
1 cup 2% milk
3 tablespoons melted butter, cooled slightly
1/4 cup fig jam
1/4 cup crushed Hunter's bacon

In a large bowl whisk together dry ingredients.  In a seperate bowl, lightly whisk egg yolks, adding in 2 tablespoons of the melted butter.  It will be lumpy.

In another bowl beat egg whites until stiff peaks form (don't complain about the dishes you can wash them all while you are cooking the ebelskivers.) Fold the whites into the yolk flour mixture.

Brush the heated ebelskiver with remaining melted butter. Spoon in a tablespoon of batter to the well.  Place a teaspoon of the filling in the center.  Top the ebelkiver with anohter round of the batter.  Wait about four minutes.  Way easy to turn if you wait.  I use chopsticks to turn mine. Cook for two to three minutes on the other side.  I take them out of the pan with a wooden spoon.  These babies just slide right out.

Makes about 21 pancakes.


Anonymous said...

I love ebelskivers! They remind me of a restaurant I went to a lot in college. Great post.

Joanne said...

THe head of my med school program is Danish and so he makes these every year around Christmas. And every year I fall in love. The stuffing in these is to DIE for! SO glad you bought that pan.

Tracy from Rah Cha Chow said...

I'm with you. I have everything I need. And yet when I find myself at a thrift store or garage sales I'm always scouting for cool food & serving stuff. Those look great. I'll add the pan to my hunting. :-)

kat said...

I've yet to break down & by the pan yet but oh do I love them

The Blonde Duck said...

All I heard was cheese and pancakes.

Lisa said... weird, I was on your page about to leave a comment when yours came through to me :) Kismet! lol

Ok, ebelskiver. I have wanted to try these forever, especially after seeing Kathy Griffin and co eat a bunch at some place in North Dakota :) Love the sweet, smokey and salty aspect of the ones you made, with the bacon and fig jam. Yum!

A Healthy and Happy New Year to you and your family! :)

Mary said...

I happen to love ebelskivers but never knew there was a cookbook devoted entirely to them. I can imagine how your kids enjoy these. I've never though to stuff them with anything other than jelly. Have a great day, Lori. Blessings...Mary


What fun! I'm a sucker for new kitchen stuff as well--justification not necessary!

grace said...

for as long as i can remember [say...five years back...:)], i've wanted an ebelskiver pan. you've now reinforced that craving--thanks. :)

Susan: My Food Obsession said...

Melted Cheese in pancake sounds too good to be true! I will have to give it a go myself :)

Mimi said...

Happy New Year Lori!
I have always wanted and ebelskiver pan, so thank you for providing the justification for me.
I also find that I need to make pierogi, sun-dried tomato spread and those passion fruit melting moments.
Looking forward to spending 2011 with you.

Robin Sue said...

I have been dating this pan too every time I go to Williams Sonoma. But I think I would not use it too much but then again there are so many cool recipes with it. Can't wait to see what other recipes you make!