Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a difference a pan makes

I just had to share with you.  I made the Texas sheet cake again.  Yeah, I know I already posted the recipe but I just had to tell you what a difference the pan makes.  Do not use a shallow 9 x 13 to make this cake like I did the first time.  It will be a little bit too dense.  I used my deep 9 x 13 and wow!  It made a huge difference.  First of all it was lighter- obviously.  But when I poured the hot frosting on the hot cake it didn't go over the sides like it did before.  Oh no, it bubbled and raged and made its way down around the cake forming a wonderful cookie crust-ish thing on the bottom.  I have to tell you this is the BEST cake EVER!  You Texan's rock!


Murasaki Shikibu said...

I seriously need to buy more cake pans without being funny. There is nothing nicer than a nice American chocolate cake with lots of chocolate icing.

Ingrid said...

LOL, how about us neglectful bloggers from NY via FL? Do we rock too!?

Thank you so much for the email. It meant a lot. For the most part all has been well. Life has been crazy busy the past two months! Between work, the kids and all their activites, I've also gotten sucked into a ton of volunteering at both schools. It seems the older the children get the less involved the parents want to be. SOOO, someone's got to take on these task and it seems that person is me. Not a bad thing but what few precious hours I had for me have now dwindled to one if I'm lucky and my lunch hour. I hope all has been well with you and your crew. I miss ya! Hope you know I do think of you.

Take care!