Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Sinful, delectable, melt in your mouth goodness, profiteroles. A few days before our get together I made David Lebovitz, mint ice cream. Our group almost always enjoys mint tea at our gatherings. So I knew I could not go wrong with mint flavor.

The puff pastry is from Dorie Greenspan. The chocolate sauce is basicly a ganache. I heated 2 ounces of milk chocolate and about a 1/3 of a cup of heavy cream in the microwave and whisked it periodically until it was warm enough to melt and mix. I had prescooped the mint ice cream into balls so that when it was time to serve, it came together in a snap. Pop open the puff, insert ice cream ball put top back on, drizzle with chocolate sauce. Easy peazy!


Mevrouw Cupcake said...

David & Dorie play so well together!

Renee said...

Profiteroles! They look so great!! Yummy!

giz said...

I love mint - I love chocolate - my tummy says "Giz, just drink the mint tea and don't even look at the rest of it". My head says "shut up tummy, what do you know anyways"

Ben said...

Hey, that is a great success! Sometimes we just need a group of people (more than 1000 of us now) to be daring and try new and exciting things. Congratulations you did an excellent job. Thank you for baking with us :)

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