Monday, June 16, 2008


My Father loves Boston Cream Pie. Me, I am not a fan. It's okay but not my favorite. It was Father's Day after all and I did my Dad proud. I loved hearing him enjoying it. The last time I made this cake (a different recipe), it was a complete flop. Whatever work was involved in this one, it was well worth it.
Look how light and airy the crumb is. A very nice and light cake indeed.

This recipe from Gale Gand was very light and enjoyable. The pastry cream was easy and tastey. I made two batches and used one for another recipe. Definitely will have that as my go to recipe for pastry cream.


Clumbsy Cookie said...

It's all about making dad's happy! The cake looks great, I've never had Boston cream pie, but understand is really good!

Christine said...

Oh that looks so good! Weren't you just beaming when your dad said how good it was!