Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I went picking raspberries with my friend the other day. The vines were loaded with huge raspberries. Wow I couldnt believe how big they are. Of course they are kind of expensive compared to other berries, at least in this area. But for me they are well worth it. I wanted to make some fresh, homemade raspberry jam. I figured the cost of each jar of jam, including the pectin and the lids was about 1.66... not bad. While we were there I saw they had currants. I had never had currants before so I thought I'd pick a basket and make something with it. I found this recipe on Food Network for Semolina Pudding with Currant Sauce. Sweet pudding with a sour sauce... delicious.

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Anne said...

What a pretty picture, it looks delicious and I love the deep red color!