Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Toast To The Past

This brings back my days in Arizona, sitting by the pool on a Friday night with my friend S. Talking about men and fashion. You know the important things in life. We drank way too many strawberry daiquiris. They were usually smothered in whipped cream as well. Something about the milk element really kicks it up. So there I was eyeing my strawberries and I thought what the heck I don't really drink that much. I might as well make my husband and myself one and enjoy the fresh strawberries in a more spirited way ; ) So glad I did, it was a nice blast from the past and it went down super easy. Always a bonus to enjoy these with some chips and pico de gallo.

Two Big Strawberry Daiquiris

3-4 cups fresh or frozen strawberries
4 oz rum
1/2 cup milk (whatever you have, the more fat it has the tastier it is)
some ice

Blend. Pour. Enjoy.


chrismacd1 said...

That just looks so good and perfect on a summer night! Now I think I might go home tonight put the little one to bed and hang outside with hubby and friends and enjoy one!

Christine said...

Lori, I put in the wrong name! Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Strawberry daiquiries - talk about a blast from the past! Sounds so good right now!

I've "tagged" you to write your own meme. Come on over to see the rules!

Shelly said...

Milk? Never heard of that in a daiquiri...hmm, we'll have to try that here. While at a dinner party Friday night a friend mentioned that in the old days I always had a bucket of strawberry daiquiries in the freezer ready for scooping - she told me I need to do that again..lolol.

Lori said...

It is not normally in a daiquiri but when we started putting the whipped cream on top and then stirring it in, we found that it went down even easier. Of course I am not sure if thats a good thing or not.