Friday, March 6, 2009


I just wanted to share a post about sushi. I certainly do not consider myself an expert on sushi but I will say that I am getting better each time. And so can you! If you are one of the millions of people that enjoy sushi, you CAN make it yourself. It is pretty quick once you have everything ready.

The first step is to prepare your sushi. I use About's guideline for preparing sushi rice. Sushi rice is a glutinous type of rice. Lending itself to sushi rolling. Other rices would surely fall apart. I dont always add the vinegar, sugar and salt to the rice.

Have all your ingredients ready as it makes it so much easier. I have carrot, cucumber, avocado and I usually have mock crab but this is salmon. There is not a lot of fresh fish around here. One of these days I will venture into another kind of sushi besides California Roll. For now I save it for the professionals.

You need to have this bamboo mat for rolling but I am sure you could fashion something else that would work as well. What that would be I have no idea at the moment. You lay plastic wrap over the bamboo.

Lay down your roasted seaweed square, then spoon the rice evenly over that, down a half an inche from where you will start and leaving about 1 1/2 inches space at the end.
Press firmly as you roll make sure everything is being compacted neatly into the roll. This really is the hardest part I think.
You kind of have to pull up on the plastic wrap and bamboo mat as you go otherwise you will roll it into your roll. I don't think that would be too tastey.

I use a serrated knife as it seems to cut cleanly. I lay it down so I can measure the rolls to be as even as possible. Because I am not skilled enough I usually have little ends that are not filled so the first cut is mine, not being perfect but tastey anyhow.

You will note they are not perfect. Each time you make them you will become more and more skilled and find it easier and easier. Like anything really. My main point wasn't to say I was perfect at this. My main point was to say that these things that we pay tons of money for we CAN do ourselves sometimes. Save a buck and take a little pride in what we created.


Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

Well done - that sushi looks fantastic! I've made sushi before too and it wasn't as pretty as shop bought but lots of fun all the same...

kat said...

That looks like a pretty darn good job! We've made it at home too but then decided with all the good sushi place around us in San Francisco is was better to eat it out. Now that we are in MN perhaps we shoudl try our own again.

Olivia said...

Oh fun! Homeade sushi! I'm not brave enough to make my own sushi...but now this might give me the courage to make it. I have always wanted to make dessert sushi :) But then again...I would ha