Monday, July 2, 2012

McCracken CSA

I have wanted to do a CSA for a couple years now. I finally found one. I am super excited about it too.  The vegetables were wonderfully fresh and varied.  I couldn't be more stoked about it- honestly.  Cant wait to dig into it. 

If you do not know what a CSA is, it is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture.   You enter into an agreement with the farmer to pay for your produce upfront, thereby providing the farmer with much needed funds for the start of the season.  As the weeks go by you share in the bounty of the harvest.  You do also share in the risk.  So if there is a drought or something, you could lose out a little or a lot in the amount you receive.  Some CSA's have a certain amount of work that is factored in.  You can learn all about it on Local Harvest and find where one in located near you.  Click here.

Our CSA is through McCracken Farms in Brockport NY.  In the coming weeks I plan to share information about them as well as document the produce we receive and what we do with it.  Yeah!  McCracken Farms shares recipes and ideas as well as information about the produce that is current.  It is such a lovely touch and I sure appreciate it!
P.S.  I have never had fresh carrots before so this was a total treat for me.  I plan to use the carrot tops as well.  I will let you know what I end up doing with it!


Christine said...

we love the mccracken CSA! we used our carrot tops in a cold yogurt sauce with dill and garlic. yummy on fish, salads, eggs, etc.

Anonymous said...

CSA is a fantastic way to support local farmers and reap the benefits of local homegrown! I've had a carrot straight from the ground (rinsed, of course), and there is truly nothing like it (I've also used carrot tops in salads, but just frrom baby carrots - when they're really tender). We should all make our salads or raw veggie preparations, IN the garden ;)

kat said...

We really enjoyed our CSA though it got to be too much for the two of us.