Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Devastating Fire to Local Beanery

I just read about this and am doing a shout out to people locally and of course anyone, anywhere who can also help.

"Cayuga Pure Organics is a small farm near Ithaca, New York that grows organic, non-GMO dry beans and grains, including several heirloom varieties. Working with a few other local organic farmers, they distribute this healthy food to restaurants, stores, farmers markets and CSAs throughout New York and the Northeast. Cayuga Pure Organics is the only major supplier of locally grown organic dried beans in the region. CPO truly occupies a unique position in the food system and plays a key role in the movement to rebuild our food system on a local, sustainable basis.
On May 30, 2013, a devastating fire destroyed the barn that housed all of CPO's cleaning and packaging equipment and a considerable amount of inventory. With the new harvest starting in July, they need to replace the equipment before any of these new crops can be sold.
Insurance policies will amount to about 20 percent of the necessary funds to replace the lost facilities and most of this is needed just for ongoing expenses while a new facility is built. If Cayuga Pure Organics cannot raise funds to rebuild, the farm will not survive.
The total cost of rebuilding the facility is estimated to be $238,350, of which $25,000 has already been provided by two local residents strongly committed to this project. In order to raise the balance of $213,350 we need the support of the broad community.  Every dollar counts so please remember that even small amounts add up. "

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