Saturday, November 23, 2013

Disney Vacation

I know, I have kind of been MIA. I have been away for over a week.  We have been enjoying Disney world.  I never dreamed I would go there.  We had a wonderful opportunity and seized the day.  So many pictures.  I took a 1000- literally.  I love looking at all of them.  I relive the magic while looking at those smiling faces. 

While we were there we had some awesome food.  I wanted to share with you what we had because after all this is a food blog.  I do have a few other pictures to share.
 Not a great pic- the wonderful
 Strawberries and cream tart
 School bread- a must make!
These are the chefs you want to cook with, hysterical and fun.  THey put on a great show.
 Nicoise salad
An amazingly light and airy cream puff filled with passion fruit deliciousness.
From Disney Food Blog
 All so very brief because I am up to my Minnie Mouse ears in laundry!

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