Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bean Burger Collection

One of the best bean burgers I ever made was this one.  A definite keeper.  Its made with barley.  A poor lonesome grain that really needs your attention.  It is very good for you.  Helps lower cholesterol in the same way as oatmeal.

Here are a few others that we enjoyed.  

While this one is not a bean burger- it does have lots of protein and surprisingly, it is made with beets.  But even more of a surprise is just how good it tastes.  My husband hates beets and truly loves this burger.

This not a stellar photo either.  Why do I also make these kind of burgers when there is not a lot of daylight to photograph?  It is a good one.  My daughter, the picky one, did like these as well.

Another seriously bad photo.  But a good burger.  It was green so the picky daughter did not eat these.  She has an aversion to all things green, yah know.

This is another favorite but beluga lentils are sometimes hard to find.

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