Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I tried Baccala before and I hated it.  Super fishy tasting.  Blach!

This year while getting my hair done.  My hair dresser, who is from Italy, told me about what she makes for Christmas Eve.  She told me about the Baccala and was practically swooning.  What gives?  No, it could not be the nasty stuff I had some years ago.  She told me where she bought it and how she made it.

I did exactly what she said.  Oh yeah!  She was right.  Not fishy at all.  Great texture! Its the newest addition to our Holiday menu.

First thing is first, buy good quality Baccala.

1.  Place Baccala in a container and cover with cold water two days before you plan to eat it.  +Keep refrigerated.

2.  Change the water morning and night.  Turn over on the second day to ensure all things are even.

3.  When you are about to make it.  Remove from water.  Pat dry.  Cut into bite size pieces.

4.  Dip in flour, coating all sides.

5.  Meanwhile get frying pan ready by placing a 1/2 inch of oil in it.  Heat it up until a piece will sizzle when dropped in.

6. Place pieces in oil, making sure there is room all around.  Crowding will not allow the heat to get around the piece.  Fry for about 3-4 minutes.  Then turn.  Your goal is to only turn once.  Fry about 3 minutes more.

7.  Place on paper towel lined plates to absorb excess grease.  I shook some granulated garlic over top.