Sunday, December 27, 2015

Raspberry Sauce

Love raspberries.  Besides a great mango, this is my most favorite fruit! Love the flavor and the tartness.

I recently had the good fortune of having a Driscoll coupon for berries.  I chose some luscious raspberries at the supermarket.  They looked outstanding.  As much as I would have liked to eat the whole package of berries, I decided to make something that would last and we all could enjoy.  And we did.  Over pancakes.  Wonderful.
 My husband I had our pancakes with the sauce and walnuts.
The kids had theirs with just some sauce and powdered sugar.

Raspberry Sauce

2 cups fresh raspberries ( you could use frozen too)
1/2 cup sugar
juice of half a lemon

In a saucepan, on a low flame, heat the raspberries and lemon.  Once the raspberries start to break apart add in the sugar.  Let it cook for about 10 minutes.  Remove from heat and once it cools a little, blend.  Chill.

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