Thursday, February 28, 2008


I added a new button to my blog. I found it through Elise's Simply Recipes food blog. I think it is a great idea and a very useful tool for researching food! That is something I like to do about as much as I like cooking it or baking it. There are so many wonderful blogs out there, what a great way to utilize them.

I have been so busy preparing for a meal that I made last night that I havent posted anything. My husband works with a man from the Southern region of India, a place called Kerala. He recently went there for his sisters wedding. He had invited us to go but with two small children it just wasn't feasible. Anyway I invited him over for dinner and in return he was suppose to bring pictures of his travels. This way I could live vicariously through him without the headache of traveling.

I made Olan stew which I found on a food blog called Knowing nothing about Indian cuisine I did lots of research. Olan stew is also known as Coconut stew. Oh my, was it ever delicious. I said to myself last night. I really have to get a picture of the stew to put on my blog. Did I? No. Too busy. In life you really need to sieze the moment, huh? So I said to myself tomorrow morning I will put it in a lovely dish and takes its picture. Of course I opened the refrigerator door this morning and much to my chagrin, my husband had eaten it for breakfast. Gone. I am filled with regrets and he with soup.

Regarding the wedding pictures... extremely beautiful and grand. I so enjoyed every picture and every moment. The colors in India are so vivid. The women in their beautiful dresses. To him the setting was the same old thing. To me the setting was so exotic and interesting.

When the women are married there they have their hands painted with henna. It was so intricate and beautiful. There are so many details of their weddings. It was fascinating.

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Shelly said...

Cool button! I used it already for a recipe I've been on the hunt for. Thanks!