Sunday, July 12, 2015

Salmon With Maple Rub On Cedar Plank

What a beautiful table!
My friend had us over for dinner.  It was so wonderfully pleasing to eat.  Every mouthful was packed full of flavor and goodness.  Maple seasoning rubbed on salmon and grilled on cedar planks.

Along side of the salmon were zucchini boats.  They were incredibly flavorful as well.  Lots of different textures in layers of toppings. I will post that recipe in a few days.
She served these on the side.  They were great palate cleansers.

I usually don't mention company names unless it is sponsored but this is what she used and I wanted to pass it along - McCormick Smokehouse Maple Grillmates.

We even had a friend stop by during our amazing dinner.

Salmon With Maple Rub On Cedar Plank

salmon fillets
McCormick Smokehouse Maple Grillmates
cedar planks

Soak cedar planks for at least two hours.  Have water spritzer with you at the grill for flare ups.

Rub the seasoning on the fillets and place on planks.

Grill on a medium flame until you can begin to see the definition of flakes on side of fillets.

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Colette Joseph said...

This sounds so delicious.
What a beautiful table!