Thursday, March 20, 2008


My daughter wanted to invite all of her classmates to her birthday party in January. With all the people we had coming I said that we would have to do something special for them. The teacher suggested just the girls from her class. I thought that was a great idea. I invited the girls. Here are a few of them making hats for themselves.

This is the hat making station... my mothers idea! Good job Mom.

Brownies and White Chocolate, Chocolate Chippers from Picky Palate (thank you).

Here are the cupcakes that have already been posted (click here) but I had to put them in here for my daughter.

I have learned a lot from the blogging world so far and it has only been a short time. The greatest lesson has been that I have come to appreciate the beauty in my life a little bit more. When I first started I would look at other people's blogs and think 'wow, how cool it would be to... ' whatever it was. Then I thought well what is wonderful about my life that I could write about. So far I have been finding some beautiful things, such as my kids. Essentially that is a blog for me, talking about what you enjoy and celebrating your life, whatever or wherever that is!

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Tracy said...

How cute! Such special memories for your daughter.