Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Can you guess what this is?

Well, I will give you a hint. It's a labor of love. It's fruit leather. Bonafide, homemade, lots of love poured in, fruit leather. This particular one is peach. I have been wanting to make it for quite some time. It is so good. My daughter just loves it. When we were packing her school lunch for today I asked her what she wanted to put in it and this was her choice. Oh, does a Mama proud.

I can now see why fruit leather is a bit expensive. It really is a labor of love. First skin, pitting, cooking, and pureeing. Then pouring it into a pan to cook in the oven for about ... oh... 10 or 12 hours. Not that I mind all that but wow so much fruit = so little leather. It's an experience to do it though and well worth it. I may try it again when apples are in season and I have a bushel of them sitting in my garage. Until then I will stick with the oraganic ones from the store. Oh how do you do it?

Follow this link for some guidelines. Or this link is also quite good. Also I wanted to point out that I did mine on parchment paper. After I peeled that away I rolled it up in cereal bags that I wash and save. These bags are the greatest cut up in little squares for in between burgers for freezing. It was also great for the roll ups. That sounds like a tip to me.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful tip about the cereal bags. I would never have thought of it!
I used to make this when my kids were small and you are right..a labor of love..but so worth it!
maryann xox

kat said...

wow, you are a good mom!

Grace said...

good for you! i would never even consider going to the trouble of making my own fruit roll-ups. i hope your kids appreciate the effort! :)

Kevin said...

Fruit leather sounds really interesting.

giz said...

What a great mom! In my wildest dreams I would never have thought to make fruit leather. Not because I wouldn't love it - but man, what a load of work.