Thursday, March 26, 2009

TOFU and YOGURT ICE CREAM a winning combination

My husband's birthday is coming up and I have been searching for the perfect cake. He wants something with hazelnuts and chocolate, that's all I know so far. I have thought about remaking this cake or that cake but I need something new for my blog. Some uncharted territory that I can post. I looked through my Bo Friberg's book, The Advanced Profession Pastry Chef. While I did not find anything that jumped out at me for DH, I did find this fabulous recipe for Tofu Ice Cream. I was so excited. I went to the store the next day to buy soft tofu! I already had the bananas! Whoo hoo! I didn't change anything as he is a master (except for a few minor things as they were in my pantry). Next time I will try some type of chocolate addition- hmm maybe chocolate and hazelnuts.

If you have been wanting to try tofu, this is the recipe to start with! No one, I mean no one would ever know there is tofu in it. No aftertaste. No unfamiliar flavor. All creamy, delicious goodness. Lipsmacking in fact!

Banana Tofu Frozen Yogurt

from the The Advanced Professional Pastry Chef, by Bo Friberg; Jon Wiley and Sons, Inc.

12 ounces soft tofu
2 pounds ripe bananas
4 teaspoons lime juice ( I used lemon)
1/2 cup vegetable oil ( I used corn oil)
1 1/2 cups unflavored nonfat yogurt
3/4 cup honey
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

In a food processor, puree the tofu, peeled bananas, and lime juice until smooth. Transfer to a bowl. Stir in oil, yogurt, honey and vanilla.

Process in an ice cream freezer following the manufacturers instructions. Transfer to a chilled bowl and store, covered, in the freezer.


Mary said...

I wish I had an ice cream freezer. I'm going to try this anyway using the same method I use for sherbet or ice milk. I love the combination of flavors you've used here.

kat said...

I need to try using tofu in ice cream now!

Shelly said...

I'm thinking of adding some toasted pecans and serving it with a slice of sour cream banana bread warm from the oven...yummm ;)
Does hubby want cake for his b-day?
A few years ago I made a chocolate terrine on a hazelnut crust...served it in a puddle of creme anglaise, it was devine!

Lori said...

Mary- I think it would work. It really was a delicious recipe.

Kat- I cant wait to see what you come up with. By the way I got the Ice Cream Bible per your recommendation. Lots of good flavors in there.

Oh Shelly, I'd love to check this out. Where did you find the recipe.

Elra said...

OMG Lori,
this sounded like of those super healthy treat I must try.

Olivia said...

I'm not a huge yogurt fan...but tofu actually makes me want to try this.

Shelly said...

I'm pretty sure it was an old issue of Bon Appetite or Gourmet...can't remember which, I'll check epicurious, hope it's not too old to be in their archives.

Ingrid said...

LOL, lipsmacking, huh! If you can't taste it at all than this is the recipe to try tofu.

Btw, can't wait to see what you bake up for your honey!

Shelly said...

lol...I FOUND it! Get this, it's in a 1989 Bon Appetit and I found it in less than three minutes...oh honey...that never happens around here ;)
Couldn't find it in epicurious - I'm sure it's because it's so old.
Leave me a comment on my blog if you want me to e-mail it to you or something.

Grace said...

what an interesting recipe! i love that it's banana-flavored too. deeeelightful!

Maggie said...

This sounds great! I have to give it a try with coconut milk yogurt.

catalina said...
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