Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Aplets from Washington

So back in September when my blog had 100 posts, I decided to start a new feature. I have this old, old book of recipes that is called, America Cooks, by The Browns, published by Norton and Company, 1940. It is so old, in fact, that there are only 48 states represented in it. There are some very interesting recipes in the book, including squirrel recipes and such. Not that squirrel is a bad thing. I imagine that if meat was hard to come by I would start trapping squirrels and rabbits in my backyard. Well I would have to eat beans a lot more too! Which is not a bad thing.

In doing a search for the book, I found this link. I didnt know my book was worth so much. Too funny. That was published in 1948 and mine was published in 1940. I wonder if that makes it worth more? No matter, it's from my Mom, priceless!

The following recipe is for "Aplets" and it is from Washington.

America Cooks, by The Browns

4 cups apple pulp
4 cups sugar
4 tablespoons gelatin
1 cup cold water
3 cups chopped nuts
1/4 teaspoon rose water

"Use Jonathan apples or Winesaps. Cut up and cook with sugar in as little water as possible. Drain and press through a sieve. Soften gelatin in water; add to apple pulp and mix thoroughly. Add nuts and rose water after mixture has partially cooled. Pour into buttered pans 3/4 inch thick. Let harden, cut in even pieces, and roll in powdered sugar.

Aplets are the most genial palate ticklers, that have come our way since the advent of fudge. They are done up commercially at the Liberty Orchards in the Wenatchee Valley."

My notes:

I used mac intosh apples.
I opted out of using nuts as I like the creamy smoothness of these confections.
I also did not press through a sieve, I used a ricer. A little messy but it managed to take out the fibers that were tough.


kat said...

This makes me wish I'd picked up some of the wonderful old cookbooks someone donated to the library bookstore last week, some of them were just hilarious

vibi said...

Very interesting Lori, now I wonder if this would work with other fruits. The book wouldn't mention anything about that by any chance, would it?

Joie de vivre said...

How fun to see a recipe for these. Liberty Orchards is not far from where I live. I moved here 5 years ago and was introduced to the concept of Aplets and Cotlets (made from apricots) but I have yet to try them because they aren't too appetizing looking laying in the plastic tray from the box. Yours look much better.

Maria said...

Love the name, love everything about them:)

The Blonde Duck said...

They're really cute! :)

Robin Sue said...

We Love Applets and Cotlets! I am so happy to have found this recipe. I just got their catalog yesterday but am a little tight this year to order any. But I sure can make them now. I just need to find rose water. Where do you get that?

Lori said...

Kat- teh old books are fun, arent they?

Vibi- It did not but I bet it would be okay. Apples do have a lot of pectin in them but when they are really ripe, not as much.

Joie di Vivre- so funny, how cool you found my site and just happen to know where I am talking about!

Maria- thank you.

Blonde Duck- thank you.

Robin Sue- I had never heard of the name before. Cotlets, how cute! I have found the Rose Water at our famed Wegmans and the Indian Store. I am not sure but I dont think it is crucial to the recipe. I think it may be used to enhance the flavor a little but it doesnt really come through.

Robin Sue said...

Thanks Lori, I do have a Wegman's by me and will go tomorrow. Have a great night!

Grace said...

oooh--these are fun and unique! aplets, eh? i thought those were something computer-related. :)

giz said...

At first glance, I thought I was looking at marzipan. This is really unique - never seen anything quite like it.. yum.