Monday, November 8, 2010

Great Bowls of Fire

We had a little chili cook off here in RaChaCha.

I think I went for the bowl.

My husbands bowl.

Some really different chilis.  Some with cumin as the star, some vegetable ones.  Chipotle ones.  So varied.

Some of the volunteers dishing out chili.
Getting to the bottom of the barrel.  This one was my husbands favorite (#7).

We had a really great time taste testing chilis from 12 of Rochester's restaurants.   The event was hosted by Genesee Center for the Arts.  They have many classes there for pottery, printing and other fine arts as well as a community dark room- (which I used back in the day - pre- kids)

It is official now- here are the winners!
Best Veg: Owl House
Best Met: Sticky Lips
Spiciest: India House
Most Unique: Owl House
Overall: Sticky Lips

The Key:

1 = India House, 2 = O'Callaghan's, 3 = Aladdins, 4 = Sol Burrito, 5 = DogTown, 6= Jines, 7 = Nathan's, 8 = Jeremiah's, 9 = Sticky Lips, 10 = Stock Exchange, 11 = Stock Exchange, 12 = Owl House.

What I would really like to do now is go to Texas for some chili cook off.  That would be awesome.  But you know I would have to have the recipes and I don't think they would give them out.


Kate said...

Hi Lori! Great writeup of the Chili Cook-Off. I'm glad you and your husband had a good time. The results are one our facebook page ( ) and soon to be on our website.

-Kate, GCAE

vanillasugar said...

mmm man i love those kinds of events. i need to enter them too. i love my chili. it's sweet and spicy. what is yours like?

The Blonde Duck said...

I've been wanting to make chili for ages!

Les rêves d'une boulangère (Brittany) said...

What a great title for this post! Your chilli cook o ff looks like great fun :)