Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cheese Dippers

Around this time of year I have run out of ideas for lunches.  I don't like to pay for my kids lunch- money wasted for junk going into my kids bodies.  Sometimes is okay but not on a regular basis.

But that does not mean that they dont bug me for what the other kids have for lunch.  Like the easy- peasy- cheese dippers.  I have been tempted to buy them but, good gats- lots of money, lots of wasteful packaging, not to mention -is there any real cheese in there?  I am quite sure there is not.

There is cheese in these that I made. Trust me these are easy peasy and very cheesy- real cheesy.

In a food processor, grind cheese (about 4 ounces, depending on how much you want to make) until it is very crumbly.  Add in cream cheese (same amount, I did 4 ounces)and VOILA!  Serve it up with some pretty little dip sticks and crackers and there you have it- lunch fun.  Way more wholesome.

You could go creative here and add in chives or garlic for the adult set. I am thinking my kids would not go for that.


Mary said...

These aren't just for kids :-). There is an adult here who will love them, too. I hope you had a great Mother's Day, Lori. Blessings...Mary

kat said...

I'd sit & eat a bowl of that myself.