Friday, September 6, 2013

Detox Water- lemon, mint cucumber

I tried it.  I seen it dozen of times on Pinterest and was, oh, so curious about it.  Nope - didn't like it.  If it was lemon and mint, yes I would like it.  And I do love cucumbers but for some strange reason the cucumbers repeated on me the entire day and it was not pleasant.  Maybe it was the type of cucumbers.  But honestly I wasn't sold on the taste of it either.

The benefit is that it is suppose to be detoxifying.  And, can I let you in on a little secret?  Your liver is a real good detoxifier.  That is it's job.  You can help your liver do its job by drinking lots of water.  Simple.  Water.  Easy.  Nothing to make, just put it to your lips and drink. Sip all day for maximum benefit.

Now, if you want a diuretic, cause sometimes you want a svelte look, eat asparagus or drink lemon in your water.

If you want to try this because you want a new flavor in your water and all natural by all means give it a go

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