Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fried Green Tomatoes

Yes, I have a boat load of tomatoes around here.  Yes, I really had no business buying more.  Yes, I see canning in my near future.  I just cant help it because the tomatoes are so mazing in the summer and it is almost over.  Sadly.  But then I had to buy those plump green tomatoes at my favorite farm stand at the market- Maier's Farm. After all I need to make fried green tomatoes at least once in a summer, well, fall, really.

Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  This is like the gazillionth time I have made these and I think I conquered it.  Might I say that I hate the way the house smells after frying.  Hate it!  But these are worth it!  Totally! Is that enough exclamation marks?

Fried Green Tomatoes

Kosher salt
green tomatoes, fairly large (I had four that just fit into my hands)
2 eggs
1/4 cup water
2 cups bread crumbs
1 cup corn meal (fine grain)
peanut oil for frying (use any one you want but it should have a higher smoke point)

Salt the tomatoes pretty generously.  You can rinse them (and probably should). Let them sit for about 20 minutes.  This is really a key step here.  They will not spend enough time in the fryer to really cook so they will be crunch rather than a nice tender inside with a little bit of crunch.

Flour them first, dip in egg wash and then the corn meal/bread crumb mix. I had my own bread crumb mix.  Not that I am amazing or anything but your own bread crumbs are far superior then the store bought ones.  But the store bought one will work too.

While you are doing these first few steps get your pan ready.  I used a heavy iron skillet.  You want about an inch, maybe a little less, of oil.  You want it to be good and hot when you put those green tomatoes in.  When it is the right temp they will be less greasy.  Aim for around 350F.   You should hear sizzle when you put something in.  The sizzle is a good gauge when you do not have a thermometer on hand (ahem, or are too lazy to get one out of the drawer).

Place those bread tomatoes into the hot oil.  Turn when golden. Place on a paper towel lined dish.  Season with salt when they come out of the fryer. Maybe even some garlic powder.

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