Thursday, February 19, 2015

Potatoes and Lentils

I boiled some red potatoes as they were starting to sprout.  I put them in the fridge as I had no use for them at that particular time.  But next day when I was pondering what vegetarian meal I could make for my daughter I decided to use them. I pan fried them and added some Vegetarian "meat".  At the last minute I stirred in a tablespoon of sour cream, garlic powder and salt and pepper.  I place a few slices of Jack cheese over top and then turned off the heat and put on the lid. I loved it.  I made it again with lentils.  Equally yummy in my opinion.
I found this video pretty hysterical. I love the comments they make!

The last time I made lentils I boiled them with Montreal Steak Seasoning in the water. About a tablespoon for a cup of lentils.  My Mom had handed the spice down to me.  Goodness knows how old it is.  If you like the idea I recommend that you use a  little less if your spice is newer and more pungent.  I really liked how it flavored the lentils and plan to do it again real soon.  It was nice to have that jar of lentils to pull from to make her something quick or even to make myself something quick and nutritious.