Thursday, February 12, 2015

Socca with Mediterranean Seasonings

If you have made crepes before then you can make socca.  Socca is a crepe made of chick pea flour. Socca hails from Nice, France.  Naturally gluten free as it is made from garbanzo beans.  Lower in carbs and actually pretty high in protein with all the eggs and beans.

This recipe can be halved. I make a lot because I like it toasted and trying to find something gluten free in the morning to go with my eggs can often turn up nothing.  I like to reheat it in the toaster oven.  If you don't have za'tar (a Mediterranean spice), you can easily replace it with Herbs de Provence or Italian seasonings.

3 cups besan/chick pea flour
1/4 cup sesame seeds
1/3 olive oil (go with a 1/4 cup if you halve it)
1 cup water
2 cups buttermilk
2 tablespoons za'tar
4 eggs
2 teaspoons salt
Measure out the chick pea flour, salt and spices into a mixing bowl.  In a separate bowl combine buttermilk, oil, water and eggs together with a whisk. Pour the liquid ingredients into the dry ingredients. Combine thoroughly and then stir in sesame seeds.
Heat up a non stick skillet on to medium heat. You want it to be warm before you begin.  With a 1/2 cup ladle, pour out 2/3rds of it onto pan.  With the back of the ladle or a spoon, smooth out the liquid, extending in circles in an outward motion.  If you run a little thin just go back over that area with a little liquid.  You want it to be as thin as possible but without holes.  Keep in mind that the first crepe rarely comes out right.  For as long as I made crepes- these or the other ones with regular flour, I can never get the first one to come out right.  

Heat the crepe until it has lost its sheen, then flip.  Just cook briefly on the other side.  You can stack them, they won't stick.   They are pretty pliable after the first time you make them. 

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