Friday, June 17, 2016


I planted my garden last weekend.  I put in a new garden bed.  I used cinder blocks all around instead of the wood this time.  I planted my marigolds in the holes that are in the cinder blocks.  I really like it.  Next year, I will make it longer.  After hauling cinder blocks back and forth from the Home Improvement store, I was at my limit.  Those blocks are heavy.  I could only transport so many at a time since they are so heavy and really weigh down the car.  Its been such a good work out though! Just in case you were wondering like me, a cinder blocks weighs 28 pounds.

Limes Away!  I love limes.  And usually the only time I drink lime juice is when I am having a margarita.  Why just in margaritas?  Of course, juice.  Enter Serious Eats.  Have I mentioned I love Serious Eats?

Recipe from Serious Eats, adapted to my taste. You can also use this as your base for margaritas or use it in mojitos. 

14 limes
1 cup sugar


1.  Cut and squeeze juices out of limes, reserving the rinds.
2.  Refrigerate juice.
3.  Cut lime rinds into smaller pieces, pour sugar over limes.  Stir a few times over the next hour.
4.  Let rinds and sugar sit for 12 hours unrefrigerated with a cover on top.
5.  Pour juice over the rinds and drain off into storage container.  This is your concentrate.
6.  Put water in bowl with rinds and mix up trying to get any remaining juice and sugar off rinds.
7.  Drain into juice pitcher.
8.  Add more concentrate if needed.

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