Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Buffalo Style Cauliflower Bites

It is AH-mazing how fast we go through Frank's Red Hot Sauce.  I'm not saying this to be paid for it by the way.  I am saying this because it is the truth.  I have always loved it.  Now my dh and 10 year old daughter go through it like crazy.

In the 80's, I started to sprinkle it on my popcorn as a butter alternative.  I nearly always do that when I eat popcorn.  Its my favorite.  Why not sprinkle on cauliflower says all the pics on Pinterest that I have seen.  Of course! For my other daughter this could be a real boom to her vegetable eating. I am waiting until she gets up to see how that goes... I'll let yah know.

For me, these juicy, Buffalo style cauliflower bites ROCK THE HOUSE.  Swoon! This will be made over and over again in this house I can tell already.

Buffalo Style Cauliflower Bites

1 small head of cauliflower
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup Frank's Red Hot Sauce
2 teaspoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
salt to taste

Heat oven to 400F.  While it is heating, melt butter in microwave and then, mix in Franks Red Hot Sauce and lemon juice.  Stir until combined.  In a bowl combine cauliflower bites with sauce.  Spread on cookie sheet spacing as much as possible.  Place cookie sheet in the middle of the oven, bake 15 minutes, move around on cookie sheet to ensure even roasting.  Sprinkle with salt and place back in the oven for ten to 15 more minutes or so.  You want to make sure it is fork tender before removing.

I sprinkled extra Frank's on mine when I went to eat it.  Yes, it was a very good thing.

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