Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moo Are You?

No food today.  Just a food source.

We went to visit a farm- a friend of our relative, offered to show us around his family farm.  I jumped at the chance for the opportunity for my girls to see where milk comes from and become educated about the milk.
I didn't realize that their heads were in these bars.
Here are the younger cows in their barn, free to roam around.  My daughter really got a kick out of these cows.  She felt she was communicating with them. Movies with talking animals really have convinced my kids that animals think like humans.  Moo are you?
These windows were really cool.  Seeing an older style barn brings me back to some childhood memories of visiting my Grandparents.
A calf.  I always thought that all of these "dog" houses were for "veal calves".  Another learning experience.  By the way.  When I was thirteen and found out about how calves were raised for slaughter-= veal, I decided to never eat it again.  I also pretty much vowed that I would never listen to anything about how animals were slaughtered because I would end up a Vegetarian or Vegan (I dont think thata a bad choice mind you, I actually respect it).  Yeah, I know, kind of silly and some would say pretty pathetic... ignorant.  Slowly I am opening my eyes to what is out there.  Watching Food Inc. was definitely an eye opener.  And really if you have not seen Food Inc. - you really should.  But anyway, I am definitely more and more hip with local farms- animals, fruits and vegetables.  My husband and I decided that we would only eat meat from our local farms unless we could be assured of good farming practices (cruelty free and good feed).  Because we don't have a ton of money this will mean less meat in our diet and more beans.  And if you know me, that is totally okay because I love beans.  LOVE BEANS! 
Now, I know there is probably many opinions out there about all this but this is my blog- kinda like my diary and I am speaking my mind here.
Loved this cow.  She was kinda off by herself doin' her own thing.

I really loved the opportunity to see the farm.  My kids really enjoyed it and hopefully learned a thing or two.  I know I did.  I encourage everyone to become aware of what goes in their mouths, where it comes from and how it is treated.  It's all about respect for self and others.


Taste of Beirut said...

Very interesting!

Rebecca from Chow and Chatter said...

great learning oppurtunity for your kids for sure, so did you get some face paints