Saturday, October 26, 2013

PB Boulangerie

Our classic summer salad- tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, basil/oregano (depending on who is making it), salt and pepper.  Simple summer goodness. And my secret ingredient... ground allspice- a little bit. You do not taste it but it enhances the flavors of the tomatoes.

I read about this bakery from Dawn over at Vanilla Sugar blog.  I had to stop there.  Two native Parisians who came to America and started this French Bakery, PB Boulangerie.

Amazing bread.  We bought the Pain aux Olives, we left, tried a bit of it in the parking lot and loved it.  My husband, who was wondering why we were making this a stop on our outing, insisted we stop back later and get another loaf.  Ha!  See, if a foodie suggested somewhere, I take it seriously.  I was thinking the  whole time, we probably are not going to stop back, he'll forget or whatever.  Oh no, we drove right to it after we had gone to Race Point in Province town.  He thought it would be awesome to have some nice bread to go with some tomato salad and olive oil.  He went into the bakery and came out with that huge loaf.  That was our breakfast in the mornings, tomato salad and or toast with peach amaretto jam that I brought with me.  Heaven!

Here are some images from the bakery.  Now, you know I will be trying to recreate some of that amazing bread here in my kitchen. I will do my best.
 Here are some images up at Nausset and then at Race Point in Province town.


Clearly I am duck footed.

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Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Those pictures are absolutely amazing!

I enjoy baking bread and love to try new techniques!