Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tropically Green Smoothie

I have been forever making smoothies.  When my daughter was little, she did not like meat.  A whole period of time where she just wouldn't eat it.  So I would make her smoothies with Silken tofu in it.  She drank those up- no problem.  Now, it is a thing. Totally trendy.  Smoothies everywhere, with all kinds of ingredients that I would have never thought to put in her smoothie at the time- wish I knew- I totally would have.  In fact, I totally would have made this one.  Love it!  Thought I would taste the spinach. Not at all.
Tropically Green Smoothie


Colette Joseph said...

We make a similar green monster, which, despite it's scary colour, is absolutely delicious.
Your formula sounds so yummy, Lori.
I haven't tossed peaches and pineapple into the mix. Can't wait to taste it.

Lori said...

Hey Colette! I would love to hear about your smoothie formula. I am totally into collecting them. Lots saved on Pinterest.