Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just Peachy

A really simple treat. Peaches and cream.

Today I canned some of my peach amaretto jam,  froze some peach chutney and made some pesto with my husband (which we froze).  Too tired to make dinner.  We had leftovers with this for dessert.  I thought the kids would not like it.  Wrong.  They loved it.  Score.

No recipe necessary, although I did add the jam that remained after the pints were filled along with some lemon juice to keep things looking pretty.  Other than that, whip up the cream and voila, peach beauty in a bowl.

Later this week.  Peach chutney coming your way and peach barbeque sauce.  Sounds peachy doesn't it?

Share with me your simple summer luscious recipes/ideas.


kat said...

We just don't get the stone fruit in our area like I wish we did!

What I Did Today said...

Yum!!!!! I love all the fresh fruit that is available right now. Though I do wish the fruit flies didn't come along with it!