Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weight Watcher Wednesday

My review continues.  This week and next Wednesday will be the last of the reviews and then the WW recipes will begin.

The Turkey Meatballs were pretty good.  I really liked the meatballs. I am a tad bit picky when it comes to sauce because I was raised on sauce.  I know what I am use to and what I like.  This one, although it was not my Mothers or my sauce, it was still pretty good.  I give this meal a 7.

I didn't like this one as much.  The sauce was a bit too sweet for my taste.  You make like it though.  I did notice it is very peppery.  I don't mind peppery, I kind of liked that.  Maybe it is because I am Italian and we have our own way of making sauce.  I give this one a six.

This was really good if you have a craving for Macaroni and Cheese and don't want all the calories.  I give this one a 9.

Turkey and Stuffing.  This one I will give a 9.  Loved the stuffing, the turkey and the gravy all in one bite.  Everything tasted nice together.
Disclaimer:  I was not paid to say what I said.  I was given some Weight Watcher Meals and I decided to review them.

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Murasaki Shikibu said...

This can be useful for some. They'll know which ones to choose, if push comes to shove - like the Mararoni & Cheese. :)