Friday, September 9, 2011

Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Peppers and Weight Watcher Wednesdays

I said that to the farmer today.  He gave me a sideways look and then lightened up a little.  A little.  He may not have delivered on humor but I tell you he totally delivered on some amazingly fresh green peppers.  If you never had fresh green peppers than you may not know that they are juicy, mildly sweet and delicious.  Yes, I said juicy.  You see by the time they get to their grocery store destinations, they dry out a little... or maybe a lot.  Sprayed with some concoction to keep them looking fresh and happy or whatever.  Here is what I say to you.  If you have a local farmer and a freezer,  buy a few more than you would normally, then chop them up and freeze them.  You will thank me in February. When skies are dreary and everyone is eating really old vegetables that are gased and what not, you will be adding some nice green peppers to your chili and you will know pretty much where they came from.  Now isn't that a good feeling?

So now that the kids are in school and things have settled down a bit, I will be posting more.  Matter of fact I have a new weekly posting coming your way.  Wahoo.  Are you excited?  I know you are.  It will be Weight Watchers Wednesdays.  Now I know the last time I posted, I posted about deep fried chicken.  And I know that I always wax poetic about fresh, local and and all but I am sure you all know I am frugal as well.  A person from Weight Watchers contacted me and asked if I would like to review some of their frozen meals.  I absolutely said yes.  Number one because it was free,  number two because, I tend to like WW products and three I actually really believe in WW for a lot of reasons. Once I get done reviewing all the meals she sent, I will start making some WW recipes. Sound good?


Mexico in my kitchen said...

Wow, Lori
WW Wednesdays sounds good to me, so are you cooking the meals or jsur review frozen foods.

I love the ww concept but I am not into process food. So what is this that you are going to do.

For sure you will have me here in Wednesdays.

Lori said...

For the first couple weeks I will be reviewing frozen meals but after those are finished I will do some home made WW meal recipes.