Saturday, July 20, 2013

Banana Frozen Bon Bons

A delicious summer treat.  

Totally easy, it can't be beat.  

Frozen banana bon bon

Make you say nom nom

Your kids will thank you

Bonus nutrition too.


I know, I am a corn ball.  I admit it.

Slice bananas thin, slather peanut butter on it. Freeze on a cookie sheet.  Remove from the freezer and dip in melted chocolate.  Whoa!  You could sneak one now.  By the time you finish doing all of them, the first ones with chocolate will already be frozen.  Return.  After about a half of an hour- store in a container. 

If you are not into peanut butter, just make banana chunks instead.

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vanillasugarblog said...

ohhh Lori I love these!