Thursday, July 25, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Wings at The Anchor Bar


When you are in Buffalo NY - you have to go to The Anchor Bar (well, if you are a meat eater).  My sister in law requested this when we talked about our day visiting Frank Lloyd Wright houses.  There was certainly no objections on my part.
Many A few years ago, when I was in my early twenties, my friends and I shuffled off to Buffalo for wings.  It was not nearly as famous then as it is today.  It was a whole lot smaller and not as decorated as it is today.  We would have wings and a drink and listen to some rhythm and blues.  One lady in particular made me realize that I even liked rhythm and blues.  I bought a few cd's after that and still enjoy listening to it.  So, aside from discovering some great chicken wings, I discovered a music genre.  Thanks Anchor Bar.  he he.
Had to order a big one.  Who's brilliant idea was that?  Oh yeah, me. eh hem.

Of course, I didnt really have to twist anyone's arm- we ate them anyway.  And just for the record, my artist/engineer brother had to arrange them in an artist like fashion.

I kind had to fight to eat some...

A round of ZUMBA was definitely on the menu the next morning and the next morning and the next morning....

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