Friday, July 25, 2014

Dog Pill Hide Ems

My unsuspecting mutt. I kind of feel guilty, look at that face!

How do you get down a dog pill... undetected? See those three globs... "one of these things is not like the other, one these things just isn't the same" ( inserting Sesame Street here).

You see, my dog is no longer interested in taking her medicine.  I think they changed the formula.  Before the company had a quite a long hiatus my dog loved these things.  Now that this company is back in action she can not stand them.  I tried to give them to her in her food bowl, which before she would eat the tablet first, not now, she some how ate around it.  Like how do they do that?  They dont have fingers, they just eat with those big snouts and just how do they eat around something that is exactly the same size as the rest of the stuff in their bowl?  They're brilliant, I tell yah.

If I cover them with cheese then, by Joe, she will figure it out.  She will eat all the cheese and leave the pill lying on the floor, looking at it incredulously. Like how could I even think of giving her something like that to eat.

In comes peanut butter.  Her favorite.  I mean her favorite all time thing to eat! One time the kids and I did a taste test.  We put some peanut butter on the tile floor and a piece of meat.  We had bets on which one she would eat first.  She walked over to the meat, smelled it. Went to the peanut butter, ate it then promptly ate the meat as a chaser.  I won.   

Its becasue of this knowing that I had to try this tablet in peanut butter.  It worked.  Has worked many times since.  She is none the wiser.  I know some of you purists may balk at the use of wheat flour but I imagine it would work equally as well with oat flour or rice flour.

Pill Hide Ems

1 generous tablespoon peanut butter
1 equally generous tablespoon flour (your choice- rice, oats, wheat)

Stir together flour and peanut butter, mashing it out to mix it.  Make three balls, inserting the tablet into one.  Feed the dog a tablet free one just in case they decide to do an investigation.  This way if they check it out they will see it is just pure yum.  Give the tablet one next.  Usually my dog catches this one mid air because she already has realized its something yummy and since they look exactly the same way there is no need to do an investigation.

Then maybe you wonder if the dog is getting the pills total benefit if they do not chew.  I asked my vet that question and she said, yes, it is made to get absorbed fairly quickly.  It really doesn't matter for my dog though because there ain't no way in God's green earth that she would ever chew the thing anyway.

(Action shots of pill consumption, in a dimly lit kitchen, below.)

She's licking her lips, doesn't that say it all.


suzybel56 said...

14My last dog (bless his soul) needed pills 3x daily. He wasn't hard to stuff them in, but cheese spread was too goopy, liverwurst worked great and canned dog food rolled into a meatball worked. I did try peanut butter without the flour and it was too goopy too. Never thought of adding flour (duh. What a great idea. Like a raw peanut butter cookie without the sugar.

Lori said...

Suzybel56- I like the dog food rolled into a meatball idea.