Friday, July 4, 2014

Foraging in Late June- Wild Cherries and Wild Grape Leaves

The Mr. and I are very excited.  We all went on a walk the other night and happened upon some cherries.  My husband, being a little taller than me, pulled down the branch of a cherry tree.  We picked a ton, ate a ton. They are uncultivated, so they are a bit smaller.  They were very tasty nonetheless.  No pesticides sprayed on these trees.  And they really were not buggy.  So, it was all good.

My one daughter who tends to be a very cautious girl, would not eat it.  She felt they could be poisonous. I explained to her that cherries are cherries. Period.  Eh, she still would not eat them.

We also collected a bunch of wild grape leaves to make dolmades or dolmas.  I have made them before so I don't have a pic of them.  I just poured boiling water over them and then removed them.  Just enough to wilt them.

For the grape leaves, you want the kind that sends out tendrils so that it can climb.  You also want the plant that has round type seeds, in bunches.  If it has one crescent shaped seed and no tendrils- dont use it.

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Shelby Law Ruttan said...

The cherries look so good! I have never come across wild cherries but sure would be happy if I did! Thought I wouls stop by and let you know that I still read your posts! :)