Friday, July 11, 2014

Ice Cream Cake

At the end of school I usually make the kids some special treat to mark the day that school ends and summer begins.  (Yes, I am way behind posting this.) This was the quick and easy ticket! They agreed.
Grab your 9 x 13, lay your ice cream down, smoothing it out the best you can.  Chop up some chocolate cookies or use chocolate rice cereal or do like I did and chop up some granola bars into little pieces and sprinkle over top.I found after a while that a icing knife is a great way to smooth it out.
Lay down your next layer- I used vanilla.  Make it smooth. Then for a final layer, use whipped cream (like I did) or use non dairy whip creamer. Decorate with sprinkles or cherries. Or whatever your little heart desires.  Pop it in the freezer.

My husband bought my one daughter roses to celebrate her winning an award at her "Moving Up" ceremony. We are so very proud.  She went from struggling to read and write to being an avid reader and a darn good story writer.

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