Sunday, July 13, 2014


I am one spoiled margarita drinker.  Ask any of my family or friends who I have made margaritas for- they love them.  I am not saying this because I am boasting.  I say this because with the right ingredients, anyone can make a stellar margarita.  It takes some time and dedication to do it right.  Here are the keys to your margarita-licious success: limes (real limes), simple syrup, good tequila and Grand Marnier or Cointreau, salt on the rim and lots of ice. 

I can no longer order a Margarita from a restaurant anymore without first asking some questions about its origins.  If its sweet and sour mix- made-margarita, ick, yuck! I would rather have a beer.  Sweet and sour mix givens me a wicked sore throat.  Am I alone in this?  Does anyone else get a sore throat from sweet and sour mix?

Whenever you have extra limes and dont want to use them for whatever reason, juice them and freeze them in ice cube trays, this will make a very handy Margarita starter.


1 cup lime juice, freshly squeezed, not bottled
3 ounces tequila
1 ounce Grand Marnier
1 cup simple syrup
Kosher salt

Rub a lime around the rim of a Margarita glass.  Place a couple tablespoons of Kosher salt on a plate.  Dab the rim in the salt, circling the glass so that you coat the entire rim with salt.  Alternately, if you have frozen lime juice, like I did here- use a dab of simple syrup around the perimeter of the glass.  Set glasses aside.

In a blender, mix the remainder of the ingredients together. Add the ice as desired. If you don't want it frozen just do it the usual way, shaking it up. Pour into prepared glasses.

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